Revee Van der Stelt

Recordings investigate the question of how to draw the wind and other fugitive movements on land through works on paper. For some of the works, wind is recorded directly by mapping the movement of varied grasses blowing in the wind: seed heads are dipped into ink and graphite powder, a page is held to record the shifting movements on different days so that the grass in the wind draws lines on the page. Recordings include evidence of raindrops from different storms, pollen on a pond, algae on a lake, rotting bark, the movement of ants, fallen leaves, sticks and seeds.

Through these works, there is an ongoing attempt to collaborate with naturally occurring events and also to notate random, overlooked occurrences in a day; marking the 'events' or 'movements' on a page.

The recordings reveal momentary, passing movements affected by the geography. They are the result of a particular time and place always subject to change.