Revee Van der Stelt

Recording made in collaboration with Sandro Setola, Rotterdam.
Audio recording made to accompany animated video installation entitled Retreat (I know I can't win) by Sandro Setola.

Audio recording made of pencil and ruler on paper.

Diptych Action 1/9/2013 (1:42 min)
Drawing with graphite sticks with sound track. This track best heard with headphones.

Sound Drawing II: 10/2012, Responding to sound of air conditioner at Works in Progress Space, Artisphere, Arlington, VA.
The image below shows drawn responses to the sound track of the continuous hmmm of the air conditioner in the WIP space.

Sound Track 10/23/2012 (8:41 min)
Sound track recorded while making a drawing with pencil and ruler on paper.

This page includes sound tracks that investigate drawing as linear sound in varied spaces and also as affected by repeated actions when making a drawing. The recordings emphasize the rhythmic and musical aspects inherent in the construction of the work. This contradicts the common association between repetition and drudgery. The 2-4th sound tracks show additional actions and rhythmic melodies that are lost as time passes from one day to another. The sound tracks also reveal the process drawing as action.