Revee Van der Stelt

Drawings emerge through the attentive passing and shifting of objects encountered in a day.

Out of the Blue (Next Day)

Then, residue at the border
the edge of breath

no settled history
no known future
refugees at shore,
waves against land

The ocean sweeps in,
pull down, take hold

Captive paralysis
against slate gray sky

Bone marrow gone,
no longer immune,
no care to being
Sand in the eyes

This place in a day
a puff of wind.
     -Renee van der Stelt, Kaus Australis, 2013

Draw a straight line, and follow it.
     -La Monte Young, October 14, 1935

We have been admiring our navels. We have been capitalized and marketed, but through realizing our socialization, might we be able to transform our reality?
     -Ian Burn, April 1975

Behind and before self-expression is a developing awareness in the mind that effects the work. This developing awareness I will also call "the work." It is a most important part of the work. There is the work in our minds, the work in our hands, and the work as a result.
     -Agnes Martin, 1950

I don't want pictures, I just want to find things out.
     -Piet Mondrian, when asked about why he kept repainting Victory Boogie Woogie.

The essence of art is human association.
     -Carl Andre, 1979