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Drawings and projects previously seen here were taken down in order to re-consider what it means to be a visual artist today.

Stepping sideways, in order to offer open reflection and reconsideration of work shared.

The geography of a body and space shifts through time. Irit Rogoff writes in Terra Infirma, that ‘unbelonging’ might be “institutional, disciplinary, national, regional, cultural, sexual, racial”. There is curiosity, shame and hope toward altered relationships – human and other living beings. Space always holds gender/racial/economic politics: these are constantly performed across borders of visible and invisible lines: allowing some, denying others. Such thoughts about borders and bodies are what motivated this drawing with placement of stones around a single line (border?). There is a consideration of reality and illusion next to a line as border is on the paper. Stones might also be also metaphors for moving bodies through process (drawING is first a verb).  A page is a limited geography. What is placed where, by whom, and why?

11 x 17,” grahite on bristol, (1 of 8)

For recent projects / 2016-present, see:


Stem and Stone: M. Cocktail on the border on the Gaza Strip, 11 x 17,” grahite on bristol, (1 of 8)






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