What Lies Beneath / excerpts from China Hutch Projects / 2017

Installation view: White Lies BeneathTulip Poplar branches, table, twine, 2017


Let me draw your marrow / morrow 

       you can add to it

                 I will give it to you

The window is open a crack

bird calls through (a slip)

in mo(u)rning

Wings turned inside out

          mind and veins pulse,     working still

I walk toward myself

     It’s not about the money           honey


Installation view: charm bracelet protects against harm & keeping cabinet of disassembled gun parts (packaged like meat) closed.


In motion you speak

      the language that language is based on

In motion you draw yourself out

In motion your hand

     leaves a print    a trace   a touch

     fused with sight,

     a pressure, weight. 


Four Positions: Adjacent, Clench, Breathe, Protect (Azabache), 2017, lemon juice, graphite on paper, 17 x 11”each


Cowardice + Fear + Obliviousness + Speed + Lack of Empath + SILENCE = Treachery


More installation views at: 



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