Revee Van der Stelt

Enacted Drawing 4, 2015

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How can a drawing affect and shape space in a new way? The works on this site seek formal and conceptual ways to assimilate drawing into the sculpted form through space and time. Drawing is a visual mark of any kind in the most basic sense. In representing some thing, we represent ourselves including aspects of the world: we both seek to capture an existing thing, but create a new one in the process. Paper is a widespread support for drawing, and drawings are generally two- dimensional. While interested in these traditional notions and strategies for drawing as a practice, the work seen here shows drawings not only as a noun (thing) but also as a verb (action or process). In what ways can drawing extend off the page to include drawing toward diverse forms? Through more careful attention to enacted drawing with the body, there is a deeper awareness and acceptance of the changing codes or meanings that arise within a day through drawing. In this sense, there is a consideration of drawing as a form of visual philosophy and a poetic: it is an utterance, a set of fragmentary marks formed into a cohesive object, action or moment. It is singular result from a day but it must include a frame, no matter how differently the frame is established.

a man sits behind a line
and is gone
move the line
he reappears
some times,
we donít use words
we canít look at each other
words hide within lines
lines create disappearances

-India Radfar